3-Day Elite Job Seeker Training

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Becoming a professional job seeker:

Shifting your professional attitude from what you did to what you do;

Setting objectives that focus you;

Administering your job search ;

Treating your search like a job;

Key elements of persuasion.

Go behind the scenes of a Hiring Managers mind:

Corporate Recruitment vs Agency Recruitment;

Understanding the Recruitment process;

How does a Hiring Manager spend their time while recruiting;

The difference between large and small companies when it comes to hiring;

The basics you need to know about Applicant Tracking Systems;

Why timing is the most critical piece of the online application process.

Elite tools for Job Seekers:

LinkedIn overview;

The premiere "How-To" on using LinkedIn for your job search;

The key areas of LinkedIn to focus on;

Payment vs free areas - what you need to know;

Growing your network;

Using groups to get connected to the right people;

Posting information - do's and don'ts;

Organizing your connections in a meaningful way;

Inmail and connection request effectiveness;

Connection request scripts to use;

Figuring out email addresses for individuals to avoid Inmail use;

Using targeted LIONs;

Using Indeed… not the way you think;

Job boards - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly;

Job aggregators - a dogpile for job seekers;

Finding top flight research and networking tools to blow away your competition.

Killer resumes Hiring Managers won't be able to put down:
Defining your goal;
Understanding the keys to the pitch;
What a good resume looks like;
Why the resume is not a chronology of your experience;
How to separate good advisors from bologna makers;

Use Social Media to accelerate your career search:
Taking the discomfort out of asking connections for help;
Defining your Social Media evangelists;
Creating your social and professional online persona.

Becoming a professional interviewee:
Why becoming a professional job seeker is the key to everything;
The number 1 thing to place all of your energy behind in an interview;
Identifying a skilled interviewer versus an amateur interviewer and how to manage both;
Managing the interview like a professional job seeker;
Sales tactics to use during the interview.

Using Informational interviews to your advantage
Why you want to avoid conversation surrounding your job search;
Asking questions from a place of intelligence instead of ignorance;
Defining your conversational goal and working backwards;
Always buy the coffee - insisting but not arguing;
Using question styles to achieve optimal results.


(only available in Calgary)

Challenging times requires a different approach. Our Job Seeker training helps you target the places hiring right now. Our 3 day intensive job search training program provides you with the critical, honest and required information to take your job search to a different level. With decades of Recruitment experience behind us your trainer will have the knowledge and background that you need to beat out your competition and answer the toughest job search questions you have.



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It's Who, not What you know:
Becoming a master relationship builder;
Getting to the sale without asking for the sale;
Managing conversations so you don't need to ask for a job;
Creating a target list of relationships you want;
Creating personas of the targeted individuals you want to know;
Discover high radius professionals you need to know;
Defining connections vs evangalists vs influencers;
Effective attendance of a job seeker heavy event;
Effective attendance of a job seeker light event;
Defining and Building life time value contacts;
Becoming an open networker.

Competitively advantageous online applications:
Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems;
Using job boards and aggregrators to your advantage;
Creating a powerful custom application;
Timing is critical to success;
Using the low barrier, high competition within online applications to your advantage;

Demystifying offline applications:
Creating your conversational application;
Using your network to apply for you;
Great scripts to open doors to the right people;
Enhancing online applications with an offline approach;
The most important goal to have when applying for a role.

Navigating through the hidden job market
If it was easy to find it wouldn't be hidden;
Using your network to discover unknown opportunities;
Industry targeting to open hidden doors;
Why the timing on follow-ups is critically important;
80/20 rules apply here too - understanding why;
Who, What, When, Where and Why all the way to your new career.