Frequently Asked Questions

Which employers will be there?

Attending and pledging employers so far: Lafarge Holcim, Property Stars, Shaw Communications, TELUS, LaCapitale, Calgary Drop In & Rehab Centre, AIL Canada, TD Bank, Investors Group, Transparent Concierge, Primerica.  Also please check some of the pledging organizations that are not able to attend but are still committed to hiring 10 people:  Benevity, Royal Bank, Alberta Health Services, Silvera for Seniors, Freedom 55 Financial, Solium Capital, Bethany Care Centres.

Is this a Career Fair?

Sort-of yes and sort-of no. Clear as mud? It is a Career Fair styled event in that employers will be there with booths and Recruiters talking to you about opportunities. What is different from a typical Career Fair is that the employers have all made a pledge to hire 10 new employees in Calgary within the next 3 months. We also have advisors on hand to help you with resume, networking and career advice.

How much does it cost for job seekers?
The cost to get in is between free and $5.00 (including all fees and taxes) for the morning session and the afternoon session is free (you still need to register though). These events are expensive to put on and we are hoping that employers, sponsors and job seekers can help support it. 

Should I come first thing in the morning? Will more jobs be available for me?
We are breaking up the day into two halves. You can attend either the morning or afternoon session. No one will be hired on the spot so the number of jobs won't change in the afternoon from the morning. We recommend coming at a time that works best for you but if you don't mind waiting a little bit then coming earlier may give you time to meet more employers. We are hoping that we will alleviate lineups, increase the time you have with each employer and also give our pledging employers a bit of a break.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
There are no ID requirements but you need to be at least 16 years of age or older to attend.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?
Parking is free at Fort Calgary.

What can/can't I bring to the event?
Bring your ticket and bring some copies of your resume. Don't bring outside food and drinks. Some employers will not accept your resume on site but may still review it with you. Different organizations have different required processes. However it is a good idea to have copies with you just in case.

Will companies be hiring at this event?
Companies intend to hire qualified people they meet at the event. However, they will not be hiring you on the spot. The event is a starting point but there are always more steps you need to take in order to be hired. The pledge employers make is to hire Calgarians but they still need to follow their internal hiring process.

There will probably lots of people there, long lines. Shouldn't I just stay home and send resumes online?
 Face to face meetings are always better. This is a great networking opportunity to meet a lot of great people as well as spend a short time talking to Recruiters at companies that are often challenging to get a hold of. This is a great opportunity to get out of the house and do something that can truly impact your future.

Calgary, AB

Calgary Hiring Event - September 19, 2016

Hire10 is putting on another Hiring Event here in Calgary. Hire10 is an initiative that endeavours to move the focus away from the doom and gloom surrounding Calgary's challenging economy and focus on something more useful. The organizations that are doing positive things right now and hiring Calgarians.

This event is an opportunity for Calgarians to meet Recruiters and Hiring Managers from companies that are committed to helping Calgarians and have pledged to hire 10 Calgarians in the next 3 months. Many companies will hire much more than the ten they pledge!

Human Resources professionals will also be on hand to provide free advice on your job search including resume, networking and interview advice.