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Hire10 was built around the need for Albertans to stay positive during challenging times. We wanted to focus our attention on the companies that are going in the right direction and hiring local people in Alberta communities.

One: The Pledge

It starts with the pledge. Hire 10 local people within 3 months. When you start with something simple but focused it helps create energy around the economy and also helps our community of employers stay focused on turning things around in our province.

Two: Price

We charge employers less than any event company in Alberta so we can avoid the financial barriers that budgets can sometimes create. We are committed to removing barriers for our employers when it comes to all facets of how we run our events.

Three: Organization

Job Seekers attending our events pre-register for a time slot. With organized and ticketed times that candidates can arrive and enter it vastly limits line-ups and also limits the mad rushes that your see at other job fairs. Our eventscan hadle 2,000 attendees without anyone waiting outside of the event to enter. Employers also see a steady flow of people throughout the day with less traffic fluctuations. In Calgary and Edmonton we also schedule in a mid-day break for lunch, to help make the day a little less exhausting.

Four: Locations

We are an Alberta company that currently holds events exclusively in Alberta. Our next group of events are in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. Next up in 2017 we will be adding Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, and the Bow Valley region. We are 100% behind shining a spotlight on job creation in Alberta.

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