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Everyone needs income. It is nearly impossible to survive without it. Join Hire10 and we will connect you with employers committed to hiring you.

Pledge to be a part of the Hire10 initiative. Give back to those in need in a meaningful way by employing 10 new people in the next 3 months. 

Hire 10 Career Fair

Is it expensive?

Building Community 10 Hires at a time


The Hire 10 career fair style (on steroids) initiative matches committed, socially conscious employers with prospective employees facing notable challenges in today's economy. Our Hire10 events are proving that Alberta's employers have jobs and are hiring even during these challenging times.

Sponsoring employers must pledge to hire 10 individuals over the next three months. Our goal is stimulating local Alberta communities and economies through increased and focused hiring by our Province's employers.

For Individuals

Connecting need, employment and the economy